8 Questions to ask before hiring a kitchen designer

Some of our clients are unsure about where to start in their design plans. Our advice is to ask yourself the following 8 questions before you commit to hiring a kitchen design firm. Once you’ve answered these questions of yourself, you’ll have a much better idea of what you want to accomplish and what kind of professional support will enable you to be most successful.

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What is the scope of the project?

Ok, this is something you should know by yourself but your vision for your new kitchen might imply some structural work on the place that you are not aware of. This is mostly true if you are looking to have a complete layout re-design that will shift the dynamics of the space and will require things like: removing existing walls and replacing them with other structural supports, evening out floors and ceilings, creating dedicated electrical circuits for the kitchen appliances, etc. The kitchen designer will be able to tell you what’s needed and these considerations will help determine whether you have to bring on board a contractor and maybe even an architect, or if you can get it all done just with the kitchen designer.

What is the timeline for the whole kitchen design process?

A lot of people do not understand the amount of time needed for a kitchen remodel. Depending on the scope of the work needed, it can take between 4 to 6 months…and that is, if you have already done all of your shopping and planning and everything has been ordered. It can be a year or more if you are still at the very beginning stages and you still need to have the space designed, pick all of the fixtures, finishes, etc. The important thing is to know the timeline for each phase of the project so you can plan ahead and ensure smooth sailing. 

How long has the company been in business?

Designing a kitchen is a big investment; it never hurts to know you are in expert and reliable hands.

What warranty does the product have?

Hopefully you are planning on keeping your kitchen for a long time, so you want to be sure you are well covered.

Does the model I like come in the colors and finishes I want for my kitchen?

Not all kitchen cabinet styles might come in the full color and finish range that the designer’s company has available. You may have to choose a finish that’s fairly similar or go for a slightly different cabinet style that does come in your finish of choice. Be flexible and ask the designer to help you select the best possible combination.

Do the appliances I’d like to get fit the cabinets of this model?

Cabinets can come in standard sizes. Kitchen cabinet manufacturers do have relationships with appliance companies to make sure their products work together. However, there can be discrepancies to work out. The kitchen designer should tell you right away if there might be a fitting problem but you should ask, just in case, and inquire about what kind
of adjustments can be made, if any.

Does the company have trusted installers?

This is always the best solution because it will give you peace of mind that your new kitchen is in the hands of people who are knowledgeable about that particular product and know how to install it efficiently.

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