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8 Questions to ask before hiring a kitchen designer

Some of our clients are unsure about where to start in their design plans. Our advice is to ask yourself the following 8 questions before you commit to hiring a kitchen design firm. Once you’ve answered these questions of yourself, you’ll have a much better idea of what you want to accomplish and what kind of professional support will enable you to be most successful. Continue reading 8 Questions to ask before hiring a kitchen designer

6 Questions for Effective Kitchen Island Design

Get the best results from your kitchen island by asking these 6 questions:

  1. What is the island’s function? Before you start thinking about smart storage solutions and what range you want, decide what your island’s main function is going to be. Most islands have a side devoted to cooking and a side devoted to eating, but what will your emphasis be? Prep work, cooking, cleaning, eating or entertaining? Or will you use it for everything, including homework and house projects? If you want appliances and sinks in your island, you’ll need more space. If it will be used just for casual meals, seating should be your priority. “The discussion regarding a kitchen island is really just a small subset of issues which the overall kitchen design and surrounding space must resolve,” says Ahmann. “In the overall scheme, what gets delegated to the island is part of the overall flow of working and living patterns. The island is part of a solution, and this is where most of the discussion should focus. Then the details will fall into place.”

Continue reading 6 Questions for Effective Kitchen Island Design

12 Kitchen Improvements that Don’t Break the Bank

I love to help homeowners make the hub of the house function and look better without breaking the bank with these 12 simple, inexpensive tips. Not every home owner can splurge on a total upscale kitchen redo, now pegged on average at $111,000, according to the latest Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine. Many home owners don’t even have the funds for a minor kitchen remodeling project, which is placed at around $20,000.

But a lack of funds isn’t necessarily the only issue. Even home owners with fat wallets and a love of congregating and cooking in a stylish kitchen may not want to invest so much, given the up-and-down nature of today’s housing market. Specifically, two factors are holding back home owners from taking on kitchen redos: Continue reading 12 Kitchen Improvements that Don’t Break the Bank

Modern Panache In Contemporary Kitchens

Consumers are starting to embrace contemporary kitchens. They’re realizing this style is more than just a clean, uncomplicated look. It also can be functional and easy to live with.

It’s been a decades-long crawl to move this approach to design out of trendsetting hubs such as New York and Los Angeles and into locations where traditional home decor has been the top choice. Continue reading Modern Panache In Contemporary Kitchens